King’s Hawaiian Sandwiches At Arby’s Are Back

This post brought to you by Arby’s. All opinions are 100% mine.

We got an Arby’s gift card in the mail just a few weeks ago and I wasn’t able to spend it yet because I am not sure of what to buy and I haven’t tried dining in at our local Arby’s before. My husband said he used to go there long time ago. We passed by there yesterday and I saw a big sign that the King’s Hawaiian sandwiches are back!

I really would like to try it because I like thin sliced roast beef and swiss… Continue reading

Christmas Gift Idea For Her

My husband told me one time that women are the ones hard to please when it comes to preparing presents. I told him I’m sure every woman expects something special from their other half. If he wants to know what I want to receive, I always tell him what. I like practical things and I’m sure some women out there thinks the same thing too.


You can never go wrong with something practical such as kitchen appliances, accessories, tea and chocolates. Flowers are always welcome. Smiles. Here’s what I received last Christmas. A new, sturdy and non-stick baking pan, new… Continue reading

Truvia® For Sharing A Sweet Future

This post brought to you by Truvia® Natural Sweetener . All opinions are 100% mine.

I read about Truvia® and it’s nice to know that it’s a GMO free sugar substitute product and it uses one natural sweetener found in a stevia plant. It is popularly used by the ones who are diabetic that needs zero-calorie food and the ones who likes to drink and eat gluten free food.

They claim to be safe when used in drinks and food by pregnant women and children. Many people liked it however some experienced side effects as their body can’t tolerate… Continue reading

Learning About Owls At Audobon Center

Our family got a wonderful opportunity to go to an Owl show at the Audobon Center last month. It’s on the country side of Jamestown, New York and it was a fantastic experience! We got to see 6 owls and there were crafts and experts teaching kids about the wild life nature of owls.

 photo learning_about_owls_at_audobon_center_zpsf0c15936.jpg

I never knew that there were owls around our area. Among which that are spotted are the Barn owl, Screech owl and the Great Horned owl. In this picture, the instructor is showing my kids the difference between an owl leg and hawk legs, their wings… Continue reading

Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner

My kids were surprised to see a huge chicken and it turned out to be a turkey during our Thanksgiving dinner at my Mom in law’s house. We love eating the delicious home baked turkey! I’m so thankful to have a loving Mom in law for baking our turkey and that she and my bro in law did all the baking of the main dishes for the Thanksgiving celebration this year.


She wanted me to just bring salad and vegetables during the dinner. It took us long time to go to her house because we have to shovel snow out… Continue reading

Storage Rack Idea For Kitchen

How do you organize your kitchen? I have a small kitchen at home and I like to hear nice ideas on how to store pans, dishes and arrange appliances. I did some research and turns out that kitchen cabinets these days have that nice pull out rack once the cabinet door is opened. I will keep this idea as I really like this to be added in my kitchen.


Are you looking for racks to install in your kitchen too? You might want to click here to find out more about it. This is a nice solution of not taking… Continue reading