Watching AI

I was watching some AI videos in youtube the other day and I’m happy to know that Caleb won the Season XIII. I remember during the AI search, he really was on the lead. He really persevered in coming back too. His finale performance with the KISS band really suits his song genre. I remember there was one video that his mic fell off the mic stand and he didn’t stop singing at the same time chasing for it on the floor Continue reading

First Watercolor paintings

My son had fun doing watercolor painting a few months ago. This is his first watercolor paintings. I taught him how to do it (with my lack of experience) and I’m glad it turned out alright. He’s so serious about it.


We gathered pictures from magazines that he would like to paint. I recycled some old calendar papers and the watercolor paint that I bought from garage sale and from the store. He was painting baby wood ducks coming out from a hole of a tree trunk on this pic.


He said he wants to do a second one the… Continue reading

Unboxing my Tlcvoxbox

Influenster sent me another voxbox a few weeks ago. I’m surprised! Thank you so much, and to all the brands sending this to pamper Moms who joined their free program!

The products in this box are nice because it gives you idea on what may come this summer. If you and your kids go outdoors more often, mosquitoes and other bugs that bite can cause rashes in your skin. The Neosporin to go ($4.97) is good for that. I used it to treat my kids mosquito bites. The Puffs to go ($0.49/single pack)  is small enough to fit in… Continue reading

Birthday Boys

Little G turned 5 years old and Little V turned 3 years old last month. My friends asked me, “You still call your kids BABY?”. I said yes, and why not? They may not look like babies any more but they still need parental guidance.


The world offers lots of entertainment and with one slip of the hand, they can be easily devoured by its pleasures. I am not thinking negatively here. I know there is a part of this world that is really good and that is on the side of God.


Forgive me for speaking too deep. Parents… Continue reading

Govoxbox from Influenster

I wanted to thank Influenster and all the sponsors who sent this fitness products to me. Everything in this box are new brands to me and I enjoyed them all. These are perfect for people who likes to do outdoor stuff like hiking and running.


I like doing hiking and walking more often now that the weather is warm and sunny. It’s a change after doing walking laps indoors at the Y gym. I used to do 15 to 20 laps at the Y while my kids get their swimming with either Daddy or Uncle at the same time. It’s… Continue reading

Easy Salmon Wrap

If you guys want a healthy and easy meal to prepare, you might want to try this salmon wrap anytime. You just need your favorite brand of whole wheat tortilla, salmon, lemon, light mayonnaise, a little salt and paprika for seasoning.


For vegetables, you can use the iceberg or romaine lettuce so you can include it in your wrap. It’s also nice if you take in more vegetables and fruits so I included extra lettuce on the side with sliced fresh strawberries and almonds. I didn’t have to add salad dressing for this salad. Cooking the salmon is easy and… Continue reading

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