Another Family Milestone

It’s hard to believe that my boys turned 5 and 3 years old last week! It’s a new milestone in our family! I look back of the years on what things have I done so far in raising them that long. Yes, I’m a mom at home alright but I feel I haven’t given them enough. We do homeschool and household chores. We play, pray and laugh together. We are active at church and other social activities in our community too. Continue reading

Fun Decorating Cake and Cupcakes

I really had so much fun in decorating cakes and cupcakes after taking a cake decorating course this May at Michaels. It helped me increased my knowledge on how to bake a nice and delicious cake, how to make my own icing and how to pipe different designs using icing.


I learned the basics on the Wilton way of cake decorating and it’s really a different experience when you take the class than just buying their kits and tools or learn it from the box. The class will give you how to handle the techniques and how to use their… Continue reading

New Comer in Weight Watchers

I must admit, there are many times that I really cried hard and silently as I can, and alone in our closet. It’s a fact that I’m big and so is my hubby and it’s so frustrating because we tried very hard in losing weight. It’s not easy! It hurts more when we feel unwelcomed in groups and parties. Just this week, I paid and signed up online to Weight Watchers for 3 months management to lose weight.


I planned to join since last year. But the plan slipped in my hands as I really want to help my sister… Continue reading

Rimmel Moisture Renew Voxbox

I really love receiving freebies from Influenster. My collection of lipstick increased because I got a new voxbox and it has this Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick! It’s color is bold and gorgeous. And I like that it has a shade of red to pink.


I was wearing it before and after doing a walking routine in the gym and when I get out of the house. It smells so good and it does keep your lips moist! The moisture and scent last longer which is awesome! The color once applied in the first few minutes is really a vibrant,… Continue reading

Upcoming New Saints

Somehow I felt that Lent this year has been very full. Even though I do homeschool, gym and run the household, I want to find time to read religious books and discuss it with my hubby and kids. My hubby’s family are huge readers and whenever I ask them what book to read about this and that, they always hand me out the good ones to read and that it kept me excited to pick and read those books.


We also have church friends who visited our house and I was very busy cleaning the house before they came. My… Continue reading

Church Donates to Typhoon Haiyan Victims

I read from a magazine while at the YMCA a few days ago about the Diocese of Erie and how much they raised money to help typhoon Haiyan victims. I am happy to know that they were able to raise $138,404. They said that was the total amount of money raised on all the churches belonging to our Diocese.


I researched today how many churches belong to the Diocese of Erie and there were 190 churches. I am so happy because I have relatives there in Philippines who got affected by the Earthquake and the Haiyan Typhoon. We are part… Continue reading

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