Home Treat For Guests

My family had a great time hosting a fun afternoon for our 4 guests yesterday. We had turkey and potatoes for dinner and we did some coloring time together. My kids enjoyed playing with them and doing reading time with them. My husband introduced an online business and wholesale printing to our friend who is interested to do some sideline with his drawing and photography. I introduced the books that I read and the crosstitch pattern I’m working to our visitor’s wife. I also toured him to the boys room, homeschool room and the new bathroom flooring we have upstairs.… Continue reading

Live Life Better

Our local grocery store is one of the 76 participating grocery stores in the 4 states, who is launching this Big Sweepstakes. It’s theme is Live Life better. It has lots of fabulous giveaways in it. There will be 3 winners for $20,000 cash, 6 winners for Free Groceries a year, 12 winners for Free Gas a year, 50 winners for Hamilton Beach stand mixer and 275 winners for $50 grocery shopping each.

If you have Bilo Foods, Thorne’s and Ideal market, you can ask for this giveaway tickets. There are tickets marked with pin that you can submit online… Continue reading

Simple Troubleshooting for your Guitar or Amp

Have you played a guitar with an amplifier for the first time? Did you experience your amp acting up like turning on and off or there are times that your guitar won’t play and the amp is still on? It can be frustrating, alright. I read that it’s the chord connecting the guitar to the amp will have common problems. You can always buy a new chord to save you money before you choose to invest a more expensive Blackstar amp. You can also ask a friend who have amp where you can test your chord if it works or… Continue reading

Delicious Risi Bisi

I prefer my Risi Bisi non gooey. This is a common Italian food served with a mixture of rice and green peas. I used the rice that I cooked the other day with diced ham, frozen green peas and onions. I used 3 tablespoon of olive oil, 5 cups of rice, 4 cups of diced ham. You just stir fry it until the ingredients are mixed.


Some preparation of Risi bisi has chicken broth and other fancy seasoning. I like it simple and I’m glad my hubby and kids like it. I also prefer frozen green peas than the canned… Continue reading

Piano Lover

My husband likes to listen Classical piano music. He also listens to other classic instruments playing music but he really loves piano the most. Somehow his digital piano suffered burns when his mother’s house had a housefire. We’re looking into  Casio digital pianos to see if it can replace his favorite toy and that it can be a learning tool for our kid’s homeschool. Anyhow, he’s looking for one that has keyboards that glow and can record the music that he likes to compose himself. I hope he can find one soon so he can teach our kids. How… Continue reading

Jerusalem Bracelet

There was a man from Israel who introduced himself in our church this Sunday. He said he’s representing the Catholic families from Jerusalem. I’m happy that he appeared the second time in our church as he is trying to sell handmade religious goods from their place.


My heart felt pity for him as he is quite old and he has a good and legal mission to come to US. He said all the profit that he gets from selling will be sent to the Catholic families to continue spreading their Faith there. I didn’t know that they faced very hard… Continue reading

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