Generator Converter Idea

Cold weather is sometimes unpredictable. It can cause freezing pipes and other pipe problems that can block heat and water in a house. We wish we have a generator as a back up energy for heating and continuous flow of water in our water pipes. Winter weather hasn’t been nice to us lately that we had our pipes frozen quite a few times already and we’re concerned that they might get serious damage soon. Somehow, I did a little reading today about generator engines that it can be fueled with natural gas or propane. It’s very tricky because most generators… Continue reading

Cute Downy Woodpecker

We saw this downy woodpecker busy eating to what’s left in the bird feeder. We were at a snowflake festival in Jamestown Audobon at that time. It was so nice to see it very close behind a glass window.


It’s busy eating bird food. Continue reading

Wish We’re In New York

Having a driver’s license is a very important necessity to every citizen here in US. Every state has different laws and you need to research within your state on how to get one. I’m from Pennsylvania and our laws regarding driving are different from the New York state. Though, I wish we lived near my husband’s office in New York as there are legal laws that will protect us in our car purchase. If you are from New York and looking to apply a driver’s license, you might want to check it out Continue reading

Fun 3 Floor Puzzles – 194 pieces Completed

My two boys really enjoyed the two additional floor puzzles that they got from Christmas presents. Little G got a 100 pieces floor puzzle and Little V got a 48 pieces floor puzzle. They are getting better in assembling it on their own as they do it every day.


They like it because they can see their different animals from the sea. The angry birds theme puzzle is Little G’s first floor puzzle which came from Daddy. A tiny part of it got lost after his younger brother chew it. I love playing puzzles with them too. It helps reduce… Continue reading

Zubie — The Ultimate Car and Driving Buddy

This post brought to you by Zubie. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s been a while now that I’m holding a learner’s permit to drive. It means I can’t drive without a state licensed driver beside me. My husband said there are times that I still do some jackrabbit starts and I need to control that as it can stress some parts of our car. He said that I’m getting better of not doing last minute breaks lately, especially when stopping on a stop sign or a red traffic light.

As for my husband, the last car accident that… Continue reading

Winter In Our Backyard

It’s another below zero to single digit temperature this week in our area. My kids and I went outside yesterday as they have been wanting to build a snow man in our backyard. We got our snow suits on, insulated jackets and gloves. We had fun at the beginning but my pinkies are starting to get numb.


We built the body of our snow man and I decided we will continue sometime today. My hubby is planning to go for a swimming at the YMCA pool with the kids and I decided to just take a shower and savor the… Continue reading