Practical And Fun Ways To Use A Cotter Pin

Some people may have already used cotter pins but just don’t know that it’s called a cotter pin. Actually there are several types of cotter pins and you can use them for practical usage like securing some parts of your machinery. Like for instance Continue reading

Fun Pancake Cutouts

We had fun one Christmas morning by creating Christmas pancakes. The kids felt delighted that I am mixing colors in the pancake batter. At first, I was pouring batter into the hot pan to shape it like a reindeer antler, eyes, nose and head. You can see the reindeer pancake in the second photo below where Little V is holding the plate.

It was tedious and the kids wanted to participate so I pour the batter, transferred them in the plate and let the kids cut them out into shapes with the use of Christmas cookie cutters. Little G is… Continue reading

Increase Your Business Presence Through Online

These days, it’s really nice to have a little sideline business for extra income. If you are already skilled in making your product and very profitable, why not create your own website online? It’s fun because, not only you will spread your business in your local area but  Continue reading

Cute Turtles

My kids are so excited to see lots of animals at Jamestown Audobon Center. They have this room full of small aquariums. A few of the aquariums are turtles. My kids are so happy to see real turtles!

We know turtles are hard to find in the northern part and if you do find one in the wild, they are usually small. It’s nice to see Audobon helping animals to reach out to people. Some of them suffered from injuries living in the wild and they help them recuperate once brought in. They also realize that some of the animals… Continue reading

Christmas Music At Home

My husband enjoyed playing his piano a lot more this week since he has a week off for a Christmas vacation. He played some classic piano and Christmas music. My Mom in law and I enjoyed singing as we accompany him playing his piano. Somehow, I wish I have one of those tascam dr 07mkii at Musicians Friend to record our sing a longs. Although our voice is not that great, it’s fun to hear our family singing together. I wish he will play the piano again tonight so we can have more live Christmas music at home. How about… Continue reading

Merry Christmas To All

Oh I smell cookies and all kinds of delicious food in the air! I sigh because I still have to prepare mine. At least it’s just a slow cook for one main dish and a jello for dessert for our Christmas dinner this year.

I also got to bake lots of cookies to give to my husband’s officemates and some family friends and keep a little for the kids. My Mom in law wants us to come to her house for a pork roast too but we are still undecided because my husband has been warned by one of his… Continue reading