Choose A House Wisely

A house is a very important material investment that any individual or family can have. It is a good advice but takes a lot of smart decisions. Don’t be blinded to buy an expensive house under mortgage plans if you don’t have steady income. If you do have a steady income, you don’t have to buy an expensive house either. Choose wisely because getting a house will affect your living in the long term. The fact is that there is no perfect house. Expect that when getting a new home, you will face house repairs ahead. Don’t spend lots of… Continue reading

Little Town Under Christmas Tree

Check out this figurines under my Christmas tree. Aren’t they cute? Some of them are ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree but I decided to put them under it so that it’s more visible and my kids can play with it. I just hang Christmas balls and added series lights in my Christmas tree. Very simple but neat!


How about you, what did you add under your tree? Some ideas I saw is to put a railroad track with a train under the tree and kids will enjoy playing it. I’m thinking of doing that next Christmas. Smiles. For… Continue reading

Stylish Guitar Pick

Do you like to play a guitar? If you do then you might need a guitar pick for finger or nail comfort when playing the guitar. I remember my husband taught me how to play the guitar the first time. He said you have to grow some finger nails a little bit longer for easy strumming and plucking the strings.



When I found out alaska piks at guitar center it made me want to play the guitar again as they have stylish picks that’s easy to insert in your finger rather than pinching it. If you want the traditional… Continue reading

Home Advent Wreath

I am so happy that I got to finish making an advent wreath at home and at the second Sunday of Advent. I had a large wreath in mind and never thought how tedious this project is. I went outside our house many times just to collect leafy branches of the coniferous trees we have at the back.


When I finished the last layer, I still find it bland. I thought of wrapping some ribbons until I found some artificial holly branches that I have in the past. I took the holly berries made out of styrofoam and put it… Continue reading

Create Fun Holiday Cards With Lego Minifigure

This post brought to you by LEGO. All opinions are 100% mine.

One of the fun indoor activity that my kids and I like to do at home is playing LEGOs. We start doing a race of who can build the tallest tower in the whole world! It’s fun because it gives your kids a chance to pretend as builders and helps their mind to be creative.

Aside from playing LEGOs, did you know that you can customize your own Holiday greeting card with LEGO? It’s a fun app that LEGO provided in their website! You can create your… Continue reading

Amazing Water Creatures At Aquarium Of Niagara

A week ago, we went to Aquarium of Niagara in Niagara Falls, New York. I’m glad that my husband and I was able to visit there before the Winter storm hit. I had an important appointment at USCIS Buffalo an hour after we went there. My husband was not worried about time because it’s not that far from Buffalo.


It was a neat experience for just me and my husband because we got to go out as a couple. Our kids camped at their Grandma’s house at home as we are only planning a short important trip. I saw interesting… Continue reading