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Dot to dot activity for my preschooler

Our homeschooling went a little better when my preschooler finally have an activity that suits him. He just loves doing dot to dot art for a week now. What I need to do before he start the activity is to form shapes, letters and numbers using circles on an easel pad.


Here’s my 3 year old doing the dot to dot activity. I got the paint markers for less than $13 dollars for a set of 6. The easel pad was less than $5 dollars.


You can also use bingo markers which is cheaper than the paint markers but I… Continue reading

First Watercolor paintings

My son had fun doing watercolor painting a few months ago. This is his first watercolor paintings. I taught him how to do it (with my lack of experience) and I’m glad it turned out alright. He’s so serious about it.


We gathered pictures from magazines that he would like to paint. I recycled some old calendar papers and the watercolor paint that I bought from garage sale and from the store. He was painting baby wood ducks coming out from a hole of a tree trunk on this pic.


He said he wants to do a second one the… Continue reading

Fun Stencil Art For Kids

After my kids helped me in loading and unloading laundry in the washer yesterday, we did a fun art together. A friend gave us a nice box of stencil for kids beginning art. She said it was her son’s before he learned how to draw. I thank her for such a lovely gift!


The stencil set gave Little G ideas what to draw and color. I am happy that it increased his motivation that art is fun. Before, he just won’t like to color a page or draw something in a paper. He just says “It’s lazy”. I felt sad… Continue reading

Happy Eating Breakfast

Everyday, my kids likes to participate in preparing their breakfast with me. They almost want to do the cooking. Smiles. But for fire safety, I have need to do the rest. They only do either mixing the batter or scrambling eggs in the bowl.

My 4 year old listens very well but my 2 year old always insisted that he wants to do everything on his own. He’s a character. He might be a chef someday. We were doing pancakes the day this picture was taken. They like to eat pancakes and drink milk in their breakfast. They always prepare… Continue reading

Fun 3 Floor Puzzles – 194 pieces Completed

My two boys really enjoyed the two additional floor puzzles that they got from Christmas presents. Little G got a 100 pieces floor puzzle and Little V got a 48 pieces floor puzzle. They are getting better in assembling it on their own as they do it every day.


They like it because they can see their different animals from the sea. The angry birds theme puzzle is Little G’s first floor puzzle which came from Daddy. A tiny part of it got lost after his younger brother chew it. I love playing puzzles with them too. It helps reduce… Continue reading

Winter In Our Backyard

It’s another below zero to single digit temperature this week in our area. My kids and I went outside yesterday as they have been wanting to build a snow man in our backyard. We got our snow suits on, insulated jackets and gloves. We had fun at the beginning but my pinkies are starting to get numb.


We built the body of our snow man and I decided we will continue sometime today. My hubby is planning to go for a swimming at the YMCA pool with the kids and I decided to just take a shower and savor the… Continue reading

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