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Smiling Me

There are so many reasons why I’m smiling. It can sometimes mean that I’m happy and sometimes, I really need to smile. I do like smiling. It’s just sad that some people misunderstand it. And blames me that I’m selfish.


All I can say is this. There are times that I really do have a bad day. And there are times that sponsor packages came at my mailbox (I didn’t buy these for myself!) for me to do a product review. To be honest, they make my day and I enjoyed using their products and so I smile. There are… Continue reading

Mommy and Daddy’s Fifth Anniversary of Courtship

Last Saturday, my husband and I celebrated our Courtship anniversary. It was in 2006 that he courted me twice and I said yes. It was our first time to say “I love you” as boy friend and girl friend relationship. Wow, five years ago and we still remembered it. I hope we always remember it as it is where we started our love to grow mature and proceed to plans of engagement and marriage.

We celebrated that day as a simple day. We ordered this German chocolate cake that was so delicious. Amazing how fruitful our love has been in… Continue reading

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